2017-2018 Election

2017-2018 Election

The PFC Board is comprised of 9 parents/community members and the school principals. All board positions are open to the nomination process each year, even if a current board member is interested in returning. Each position may be held for a maximum of two, one-year terms, provided the board member is re-elected. A brief description of the board positions can be found below.

Board members are required to attend one monthly board meeting and one monthly general meeting.  Most members will attend the majority of school events.

Nominations will be accepted from 3/1-3/31

Election will be held at the May General Meeting on 5/10/17

Forms can be found here: Nomination Form and emailed to info@lydiksenpfc.org.  Our current secretary will be collecting and forwarding all submissions to nomination committee.


Current Nominations

President: OPEN

Vice-President: Cristy Simpson

Secretary: Margaret Surridge

Treasurer: Jessica Lane

Parliamentarian: Kristy Heyne

Fundraising Director: Amy Blake

Social Events Director: Andi Hulihan

Social Media Director: OPEN

Director of Volunteers: OPEN


Brief description of positions

President: The chief executive officer of the organization; supervises the business and affairs of the PFC subject to the direction of the board.  Attend 4 monthly meetings. Meeting with Principal, district PCC meeting, board meeting and general meeting.

Vice-President: Assist the President; currently also serves as Director of Communications.  VP is responsible for weekly newsletters.

Secretary: Maintain and distribute minutes of all board and general meetings. Assist with the preparation of the meeting agendas. Manage PFC calendar.

Treasurer: Signatory on accounts. Responsible for maintaining account balances. Responsible for accounting procedures at events. Receive and deposit monies from all major fund raising activities. Prepares annual financial statement and taxes for the year serving as Treasurer. Submits books for annual audit.

Parliamentarian: Attend and Maintain order at all PFC meetings. Ensure Board actions are in accordance with bylaws. Maintain organization of bylaws.

Fundraising Director: Heads all aspects of organizing and running the Lydiksen PFC fundraising events and efforts.

Social Events Director: Heads all aspects of organizing and running the Lydiksen PFC social events.

Volunteer Director: Responsible for creating and maintaining email and contact groups of all volunteers; sending reminder email notifications to scheduled volunteers prior to of events, calling potential volunteers to assist at events as needed, and creating sign-up genius for events. Coordinate volunteers at events, or designate a coordinator.

Social Media Director: Prepare posts and manage incoming information about upcoming events and fundraisers to be sent in a Weekly Email Blast, placed on the PFC Facebook Page, and on the PFC Website.


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