Funded Programs

The Lydiksen Parent & Faculty Club fills the gap for funding that is needed for the Due to the state budget cuts year over year, our school critically depends on the Parent Faculty Club (PFC) to supply funding for basic necessities as classroom supplies, intervention programs, physical education equipment, technology programs, materials for the science lab, academic programs and library.

Funds raised by the PFC directly benefit the students of Lydiksen Elementary.  Here is a list of Programs & Activities that was funded by PFC during the 2014 – 2015 school year:

Overhead Projectors and mounting for 10 classrooms ($40,000)
         MineCraft EDU software for all classrooms
             New P.E. equipment for Kindergarten
                 Supplemental funding for Outdoor Education
                            Academic Support Items which include: classroom supplies, supplemental teaching materials,                                             Accelerated Reader, BareBooks, IXL Math, Raz-Kids, Time Magazine, and Walk through American Revolution
 Staff Appreciation Lunches



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