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Did you know that Lydiksen students did not have designated time for Art? Or an Art Room? We do now!

 Your parent donations and the support of our community have made this program possible. We raised enough funding for each class to receive 4 lessons this year.  The lessons will be drawing, oil pastels, watercolor and clay.

This program is volunteer led.  We need as many hands in each class as possible to help walk the students through the lessons.  No previous Art experience is necessary. Come be a part of the fun and help create a foundation for Art that all of the students will carry with them through High School.

 Use the button below to sign up for the training  you wish to participate in and the lessons you would like to help teach. All volunteers should be cleared through the office.*** Please check your availability to see if you could help out in those classes either as a docent or volunteer. 

TK/Kinder Classes

1st Grade Classes

2nd Grade Classes

3rd Grade Classes

4th Grade Classes

5th Grade Classes 

Equipment Instructions & Log in Information
Step 1. Plug in and turn on projector/Chromebook    Step 2. Click on Ctrl and mirror button (arrows on computer) to change projector setting from extended to mirrored.     Step 3. Go to google mail and sign in. Log in: Password: docents2016     Step 4. Click on 9 squares at the top right of page and click on DRIVE.     5. Click on lydfad lessons folder   Step 6. Click on the lesson you are teaching and then the correct grade level.

Docent/Volunteer General Checklist
Binder with calendar, lessons & materials needed will be on the back shelf with the paper supplies.    A few days before lesson:   – Check the binder for materials needed and count out paper(s) for your class. If trimming or folding is needed, please do so at this time. Paper is labeled by type and size in the back shelves. Paper can be cut in the Teachers Workroom located in the E building near the Kinder classes.    – Place in Ziplock bag and label with teacher’s name and lesson.     – Place in the cabinet labeled Art Paper Supplies on grade level shelf.     – Run thru equipment setup and lesson. (You can also attend a lesson for another class to see how the class is run.)    20-30 Minutes before lesson:   – Turn on & set-up equipment to have the lesson ready to start.     – Set up for the lesson by covering the tables with the roll of kraft paper. If already cut, re-use those, otherwise cut new sheets. Please try to conserve by re-using them as much as possible.    – Grab all the supplies needed for the lesson and place in rolling Art Cart*.     – Place the supplies on each table. Some supplies are shared by students. *The Art Cart can be placed in the middle of the room for easy access to supplies.     Clean-up: Place all completed artwork back in the labeled ziplock bags and place in the cabinet labeled Completed Artwork on the grade level shelf.    – Wash and rinse all paint supplies if used.    – Roll or fold the table covers if they are still usable, otherwise, recycle them. If you know there is another class after, you may leave the covers on for them.    – Return all supplies to the cabinet.    – Exit your lesson and have the computer menu return to the “shared with me” page.    – If your class is the last class of the day, please turn off the projector and exit out of the account and close the Chromebook.


Contact Us

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